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Table of Contents
Table Of Contents
Foreword: Dietary Supplement Regulation in Flux
Barbara A. Noah - [PDF]

FDA Statutory Authority to Regulate the Safety of Dietary Supplements
Peter Barton Hutt - [PDF]

Science, Politics, and the Regulation of Dietary Supplements: It's Time to Repeal DSHEA
Peter J. Cohen - [PDF]

Dietary Supplement Labeling: Cognitive Biases, Market Manipulation & Consumer Choice
Michael A. McCann - [PDF]

What Lies Beneath: An Examination of the Underpinnings of Dietary Supplement Safety Regulation
Dana Ziker - [PDF]

The New Dietary Ingredient Safety Provision of DSHEA: A Return to Congressional Intent
Scott Bass and Emily Marden - [PDF]

Functional Foods: What Are They? How Are They Regulated? What Claims Can be Made?
Martin Hahn - [PDF]

Dietary Supplements: A Definition that is Black, White, and Gray
Suzan Onel - [PDF]

Maxwell J. Mehlman - [PDF]

Potential Interactions of the Orphan Drug Act and Pharmacogenomics: A Flood of Orphan Drugs and Abuses?
David Loughnot - [PDF]

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