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Back Issues and Articles

The Vioxx Story: Would it Have Ended Differently in the European Union?
W. John Thomas - [PDF]

The Economics of Pharmaceutical Price Regulation and Importation: Refocusing the Debate
John A. Vernon - [PDF]

Trojan Drugs: Counterfeit and Mislabeled Pharmaceuticals in the Legitimate Market
Donald deKieffer - [PDF]

State Regulation of Canadian Pharmacies: A Prescription to Violate the Supremacy Clause
Mary Ellen Fleck Kleiman - [PDF]

Conflicts of Interest in International Human Drug Research and the Insufficiency of International Protections
Robert Gatter - [PDF]

Oy Canada! Trade's Non-solution to "the Problem" of U.S. Drug Prices
Daniel Gillman - [PDF]

How Parallel Trade Affects Drug Policies and Prices in Canada and the United States
Aidan Hollis and Peter Ibbott - [PDF]

Fade to Black: Importation and Counterfeit Drugs
Bryan A. Liang - [PDF]

Foreword: Globe-Hopping Pharmaceuticals
Frances H. Miller - [PDF]

Patent Buy-Outs for Global Disease Innovations for Low- and Middle-Income Countries
Kevin Outterson - [PDF]

NAFTA & the Alien Tort Claims Act: Making a Case for Actionable Offenses Based on Environmental Harms and Injuries to the Public Health
Kevin Scott Prussia - [PDF]

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