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Table of Contents
Table Of Contents
Foreword: Imagining a New Era of Neuroimaging, Neuroethics, and Neurolaw
George J. Annas - [PDF]

Imaging the Mind, Minding the Image: An Historical Introduction to Brain Imaging and the Law
Laura Stephens Khoshbin, Shahram Khoshbin - [PDF]

Imaging Body Structure and Mapping Brain Function: A Historical Approach
Stacey A. Tovino - [PDF]

MRIs and the Perception of Risk
Stephen Goldberg - [PDF]

Is a Picture Worth a Thousand Words? Neuroimaging in the Courtroom
Joseph H. Baskin, Judith G. Edersheim, Bruce H. Price - [PDF]

The Brain and Behavior: Limitations in the Legal Use of Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Laurence R. Tancredi, Jonathan D. Brodie - [PDF]

The Regulation of MR Neuroimaging Research: Disentangling the Gordian Knot
Jennfier J. Kulynych - [PDF]

FMRI and BF Meet FRE: Brain Imaging and the Federal Rules of Evidence
Mark Pettit, Jr. - [PDF]

A Brave New World of Interrogation Jurisprudence?
Sean Kevin Thompson - [PDF]

Emerging Neurotechnologies for Lie Detection and the Fifth Amendment
Sarah E. Stoller, Paul Root Wolpe - [PDF]

Neuroscience-Based Lie Detection: The Urgent Need for Regulation
Henry T. Greely and Judy Illes - [PDF]

Pain Detection and the Privacy of Subjective Experience
Adam J. Kolber - [PDF]

Punishment, Freedom, and the Culture of Control: The Case of Brain Imaging and the Law
Bruce A. Arrigo - [PDF]

Interrogational Neuroimaging in Counterterrorism: A "No-Brainer" or a Human Rights Hazard?
Jonathan H. Marks - [PDF]

Notes and Comments
A Double-Edged Sword: The Role of Neuroimaging in Federal Capital Sentencing
Abram S. Barth - [PDF]

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