Headlines: July 27, 2009

Ted Hutchinson, ASLME Publications Director

The major news outlets this week continue to focus (understandably) on the debate over health care in America. The New York Times has an interesting article today on just how affordable insurance will be for the uninsured under these proposed plans.
Also useful is this graphic which is helpful in understanding across-the-board costs of health care reform. 
Dan Sulmasy, who has published some very fine work in the Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics, has an interesting article on the past and future of bioethics which can be found here.
Finally, here are two smaller articles: the first is a blog post on adverse effects of blood pressure medicines, and the second is more news about the Swine Flu epidemic from London.  
As always, I also want to remind readers that I am always looking for interesting headlines related to Law, Medicine, and Ethics. If you have a tip, please feel free to leave it in the comment section or email me at thutchinson@aslme.org.
Hope you all have a good day!