ASLME Thanks Margo Smith for Years of Service

ASLME Thanks Margo Smith for Years of Service

This week I bring you, what is for us, some rather sad news. Our longtime colleague and friend Margo Smith has left ASLME. Happily, she is moving on to an important new job in the Brigham and Women’s Hospital system here in Boston. I hope you will join me in thanking Margo for her many years of great service to ASLME and to all its member and friends.

Margo Smith of ASLME
Margo Smith

Many of you had the opportunity to meet Margo, either in person at one of our conferences or virtually through the Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics. Margo began working for ASLME in 2007 and eventually, over her almost sixteen years with us, would hold a number of different titles at the society. She began as the Membership Director, and eventually began performing much of the marketing and communications work for ASLME. For the last few years of her career here, she worked on a day-to-day basis with me as the Assistant Editor of the JLME. Margo excelled at virtually everything she did, but she truly shone as an editor, where her thoughtful approach to multidisciplinary communication improved our journal every day. She was an invaluable member of ASLME’s staff, as well as a beloved friend of everyone who worked at ASLME.

If you wish to join me in thanking Margo for all her great work, or to congratulate her on her exciting new job, feel free to reach out to her at, which will remain live for a few more weeks. In the meantime, thank you for your continued support of ASLME. We truly appreciate it.

Ted Hutchinson

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